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GET hard copy of kalakari magazine at your doorsteps  with kalakari merchandise gifts.

Explore the unexplored film world with kalakari film festival [Print Replica]. Experience FILM & ART in new ways with Kalakari film festival magazine Discover our latest KALAKARI magazine and meet the artist , visit the places and learn about the events that continue to shape our world. Our team helps artists to manage and publish their collections online, Find out how to join, and who’s already working with us. find this amazing artist in this edition.

Kalakari Magazine with kalakari merchandise Jan 2023

₹500.00 Regular Price
₹299.00Sale Price


    Kalakari is an exclusive event of INDIA for upcoming artist and thinkers.

    prestigious Awards for the film, animation, visual effects, photography segment across the Indian sub-continent and beyond.



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