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Yulia Alizade -Meet the amazing Turkish film director

Turkish film director, producer and artist painter. She grew up visiting many different countries and cultures with her family. Now she lives in hometown in Istanbul. Worked as a designer, art-director and producer for about 10 years. She got brilliant art education in the USA, Turkey and also PHD in medicine in Russia. Worked with famous Turkish and Russian singers. Her films were shown in Dubai, India, Europe. She had got personal exhibitions and also consultates artists in sphere of advertising and PR, and in art therapy.

Yulia Alizade sais: "To be an artist is a big mission and it's not depend of what I have: canvas or film. I want to share something bright and good in our world with my art".

Instagram: @art.alizade


Fly to feel the life...

'Seagull', is about how the big city gives a chance to be happy for people who live the life in high temp. The Seagull bird is a symbol. She prepares two singles to new story in the crowd of metropolis.

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