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What Does the Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene Mean for Marvel's Future?

the long and the short of it is that Venom reveals to Eddie (Tom Hardy) a dimension where Peter Parker, as played by Tom Holland, exists. While Venom has been battling Carnage and Riot in the “Venomverse,” now it seems that he’s in, or can access, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where an alien symbiote with all sorts of special powers would probably be a person of interest.Sony didn’t tease a Spider-Man/Venom showdown without some idea of when or how that could happen—so the questions for fans are, well, the same. When and how could that happen? The first potential place is Spider-Man: No Way Home, about that movie, there’s no way Sony would waste a showdown with Venom as only a part of a movie like that. More likely we’re looking at an unknown future film once this MCU multiverse is a bit better defined. Whether that’s a Venom 3, Spider-Man 4, or another title is probably still up for debate.

Then there’s the deeper, more interesting question of what happens when this Venom meets up with that Spider-Man. In the comics (and other ), Eddie’s role as the host of the Venom symbiote comes from Spider-Man—after all, it’s the symbiote that initially bonds with Peter Parker. That connection, and Eddie Brock’s professional intersections with Peter Parker, made the two mortal enemies. Odds are that won’t happen now, especially since Hardy’s Venom is... kind of a good guy, in a way? It feels more in character for him to team up with Spider-Man than to fight him, at least in this universe.

OK, so with all those seeds floating around in your head, it’s your turn. Tell us below when and how you think Spider-Man and Venom will show down, because it’s definitely happening.

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