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Official online merchandise of Kalakari film festival by Rishi Nikam

Handcrafted official online merchandise of Kalakari film festival

 – The new format brings together a new brand identity, which is a unisex abstract human form representing gender less, colourless and everyone who has a creative spirit, a new logo and a new brand design. Kalakari film festival by Rishi nikam an international is a platform for young artists to showcase their talent all over the world. This exclusive event is for animation, visual effects and different kinds of photography. This competition is open for everyone i.e. students, professionals, studios etc. Kalakari has released its merchandise product which is a t-shirt and it has been released online on their official instagram page on 7th August, 2020 at 2P.M  by Rishi nikam & Aditya itoriya. which will be officially given to the winners of respective categories in India only. Registration is still open for the film Festival  and links will close on 10th August,2020. Speaking on the launch of KALAKARI FILM FEST rishi nikam said, “kalakari team has always innovated and tested new opportunities. It is a special occasion for us as we introduce a new concept handcrafted  merchandise which would stand out. As we Kalakari team we take another step towards staying committed to our promise of providing unique, innovative and offbeat experiences to indian artist. We are planning to launch  more interesting stuff like this “

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