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Made in India streaming platform permits filmmakers and purchasers results in good footing

ABC Talkies is a film tech platform that acts as a marketplace for independent films. Filmmakers can upload their work, find willing viewers, and eventually buyers from larger OTT platforms.

The recent cinematic revolution driven by OTT platforms has changed the nature of film viewing tremendously. This has led to niche players like ABC Talkies, an independent streaming and sale platform launched in 2021, enjoying their moment in the sun.

Founded by CEO Shalibhadra Shah and CCO Siddharth Sinha, Gurugram-based ABC Talkies is described as the “world’s first cinema marketplace”.

“ABC Talkies is a film tech platform and not just another OTT platform. We do not simply use technology to stream films; we combine films and technology to offer an extremely unique experience to the audience.

"We do not restrict any films from being uploaded on our platform as long as they conform to government guidelines. Hence, every filmmaker can find an audience for their work, without any cost to them for uploading ​the content,” explain the founders.

Siddharth began his professional journey with the Indian film industry in Mumbai in 1999 when he worked as an Assistant Director for prominent television serials, before moving to CNBC and ETV Urdu. He then joined Sound & Vision, India’s biggest dubbing studio, and relocated to Delhi. Here, he shifted to the events and entertainment industry, by launching ShowBoat, an event management company, in 2018.

His expertise in this field, combined with his past experience in the film industry, led to him conceptualizing ABC Talkies in early 2020.

Shalibhadra is a strategist with experience in strategic business operations, business transformation, branding, and creative communication. He has experience in developing a range of hardware and software products based on artificial intelligence and AR/VR technologies and has also worked on the launch of the Digital India campaign for the Government of India. These skills aided him in devising the ABC Talkies platform.

The beta version of their web portal was launched in February 2021 and work is ongoing on the mobile app intended for launch in October.

The name, suggested by Siddharth, was an easy one for the team to narrow in on. As the idea focussed on films and cinema, All ‘bout Cinema (ABC) combined with the traditional word for cinematic offerings, ‘Talkies’, fit well as a brand name

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