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Kangana Ranaut Mocks Filmmakers Over Announcements Of Their Upcoming Releases, Calls Them Dumb

Kangana Ranaut currently shared a meme addressing the country of each filmmaker proper now. The meme has the human beings hiking at the crowded teach compartment. With the meme she known as the filmmakers dumb or even stated that they had been napping for months and now all of sudden absolutely each person has end up lively to announce their launch date for his or her respective films.

In the meme of people trying to make their space on a train’s compartment she captioned, “"Bollywood announcing release dates today..." Over the past few days, several big films and their makers have blocked release dates till the end of 2022.”

Kangana’s recent release was Thalaivii and she has been receiving lots of appreciation for her outstanding performance. The film was released in South theatres and premiered on Netflix

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