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Kalakari film festival community donates food meal box to needs in this pandemic kalakari

Kalakari film festival community donates food in this pandemic to needs by Rishi Nikam

Dewas, Madhya Pradesh May – kalakari film festival by Rishi Nikam has started distributing food kits to the needs in the city. the truck was seen distributing food packages amongst the under-privilege. International Art Exhibition and Award Ceremony by Kalakari Film Fest Artists’ fair from all over the world starting from May 1st, 2021 The last date of submission was 15 April 2021 Due to Corona, many Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV artists will join Fest online. with a social cause kalakari film festival works for all artists with the social cause. in this pandemic, they have distributed 20K food packages with team kalakari leads by rishi Nikam. Art is a medium through which we can convey important messages. Kalakari Film Fest is a huge platform that provides this great opportunity for all artists. “Kalakari Film Fest 2021” brings the Artist, Photography Exhibition, and Award Ceremony. This fest will be held on 01st and 02nd May and all participants will get a chance to showcase their artwork at events around the world.UK-US including Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt and almost every country in the world got their artwork registered, similarly, more than 3000 registrations from the country and the world have joined this competition so far. Rishi Nikam, Founder of Kalakari Film Fest said that the main objective of this event is to provide a platform to the artists of India who don’t have a medium to display their talent and art on a worldwide level. Thus, Kalakari helps to spread Indian art. We want our artists to gain recognition. There is no registration fee for the artisans in this fest. Rishi further said that ”we have once again brought something new for the artists, in which more than 3000 participants have registered so far with their magnificent art. In a very short span of time, “Kalakari” has become popular not only in India but in almost every country in the world. All the participants taking part in it will be given free gift hampers, certificates. Also selected artwork, photography, and films will be shown on international websites. And the most important thing is if the jury likes the work of an artist, then they will get a chance to work with Hollywood actors.” Getting wishes from Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma In a short span of time, Kalakari has gained popularity among the commoners as well as big celebrities. In this fest, celebrities from all over the world will make their presence online due to Corona. Also, congratulatory messages and wishes were sent to Kalakari Film Fest through video, which has increased the enthusiasm among the artists. This Film Fest and Art Fest is an opportunity for all the artists of India to be part of Kalakari and showcase their talent with their team and directors. Send your artwork, photography, or film to the address given below and get your free registration done -Instagram –


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