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I was rooting for Dino Morea from the moment I read Shaybani Khan's character for 'The Empire':Kavis

Kavish Sinha has been garnering accolades for his latest and a success casting for famous suggests like, ‘The Empire’, ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’ and others. In an distinct interview with ETimes, he spills the beans on a few misconceptions approximately casting directors. He additionally offers us a sneak peek into a few upcoming movies which encompass Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Blurr’ and Rani Mukerji’s ‘Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway’ and greater. Excerpts… How did you get commenced as a casting director? I love human beings and I am blessed with a reminiscence wherein I might mainly bear in mind the names of anybody I even have ever met. In a unexpected shift in my career, I have become a casting assistant. It became there that I realised I became reduce out for this. After operating there for a bit greater than a year, I forayed independently and commenced my very own casting company. It’s sudden that I experience like I am beginning afresh each day. What drew you to this profession? I suppose it's miles the human beings who've drawn me to this profession--their testimonies and their aspirations. Actors are an eclectic bunch. They deliver in such range of their ideas, their personalities, their being. To be surrounded through them and be a channel to their goals is the handiest motivation at the back of me being a casting director.

What do you look at while auditioning?

I look at an actor’s understanding of the script without mostly knowing the whole script. How they interpret those lines given to them and perform the scene, what they bring to the table with their rendition. Their instinct and innovation are the criteria.

What are the misconceptions about casting directors you'd like to clear?

For one, we got to be treated like people doing their jobs and not Gods. We can only be a bridge between actors and directors. We work on a certain brief and can only help you if you fit that well. Two, we cherish talent the most. We are called partial and are accused of favouritism. We can’t go a long way with that. We have to create fresh opportunities for different actors across different projects. We work hard towards it.

How was your casting experience for ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11'’ and ‘The Empire’?

Both were very contrasting projects. While 'Mumbai Diaries 26/11' spoke of an incident we’ve all witnessed in our lifetime, 'The Empire' was a world we’ve only heard and read about. One needed to be as real and the other was larger-than-life. The common thought was to connect with both the shows. It was challenging because both were happening simultaneously and to switch from one mood to the other was complicated but equally rewarding. I’ll never forget the time spent on casting these two.

Dino Morea has been receiving a lot of praise for his character as Shaybani Khan. Who, apart from him, do you think, would have fit into the role?

I was rooting for Dino from the moment I read Shaybani’s character. He brings in a blend of good looks and those bad boy vibes and is extremely effortless. Another actor I’d have loved to cast as Shaybani would be Jaideep Ahlawat.

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