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Filmmaker Ashwin Alok's skills rule the industry

Ashwin Alok is a splendid actor, filmmaker, and creator who has been continuously operating in the direction of excellence together along with his sheer efforts and talent. From ideation to bringing the characters to existence takes numerous attempts and dedication. And, that paintings can handiest be performed with the aid of using a visionary filmmaker. Talking approximately filmmakers, one call that can’t be absolutely ignored is Ashwin Alok. He is a splendid actor, filmmaker, and creator who has been continuously operating in the direction of excellence together along with his sheer efforts and talent. Since childhood, Ashwin has usually had an eager hobby in cricket and desired to make it his career. However, he did now no longer get lots to guide from his cherished ones. He didn’t lose wish and alternatively took his father’s steerage and determined to do commencement in Computer Science, for which he's grateful.

How it began:

This young man’s journey is not as easy as it seems. While he was pursuing his graduation, he started his own Youtube Channel ‘Kreative Krew®’, which talked about fitness. It is now a film production company based in New Delhi. But with time, he along with his friends started shooting short films, which garnered love from the audience. During his college years, he also developed a website ‘pumpmydiet’ which was an achievement in itself.

While constantly working as a computer engineer and filmmaker, he decided to walk on the path of filmmaking. Not just he's a great artist, but he also has a great passion for writing and has recently published a book ‘The Music of Silence’, which is a self-help guide. The book is divided into two parts. The first part talks about his personal life while the other half talks about how one can train their mind and make the most of their life.

While continuously running as a laptop engineer and filmmaker, he determined to stroll at the direction of filmmaking. Not simply he is a terrific artist, however, he additionally has a terrific ardor for writing and has currently posted an ee-ebook ‘The Music of Silence’, that is a self-assist guide. The ee-ebook is split into parts. The first component talks approximately his private existence at the same time as the opposite1/2 of talks approximately how you can educate their thoughts and make the maximum in their existence.


For his commendable work, he has obtained numerous accolades for the identical. Starting his award adventure in 2018 at New Delhi Fim Festival in which his movie ‘10 Lakhs- An untold story’ obtained a Special Appreciation Award most of thepinnacle 25 Films. In 2019 the identicalmovieturned intodecided on for the Magadh Film competitionalongsidetogether along with hisdifferent movie ‘Bread Butter.’ The listing doesn’t give up here. In 2020, his movie ‘Paani’ obtained a Special Appreciation award most of thepinnacle 50 Films in Casttree Events & Awards. He additionally has numerous awards in his bag which encompass the Outstanding Achievement award for the films ‘Derwa’ and 'Jeetega India' at Tagore International Film Festival. For ‘Jeetega India’, Ashwin additionallyreceived the Outstanding Achievement Award in Acting. ‘Namaste’ moviereceived the first-rateacademicmovie award. Another movie ‘Paani’ received the Critic’s Choice Award. For his Dance Cover, ‘Memories ‘ he received the Outstanding Achievement Award and for the commercial of ‘Shishodia Orthopaedic Centre,’ he received the Critic’s Choice Award. His movie 'Bread Butter' turned intoadditionallydecided on to flow on Disney+ hotstar in July 2020. This gifted mind's movie ‘Namaste’ turned into shortlisted for Cafe Irani Chaii International Film Festival in 2021 and turned intocapable of bag the Best Public Awareness Film award. All of those achievements are a realillustration of his toughpaintings and determination to filmmaking.

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