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Meet great 5 Indian women film makers of kalakari film festival

Over the last few years, conversations about equal pay and opportunity have stirred long overdue debate in the Film industry. The kalakari film festival is taking steps towards getting their female talent recognised, particularly if they’re behind the camera rather than in front of it. For as long as there have been movies, there have been women making them

Dona Roy

Dona Roy is a performer & creator of Indian origin, born in Kolkata, India on June 27th,1998 to a professional footballer turned banker & a professional singer turned philanthropist!


Emotionally troubled BHETKI,adopted by a transwoman moonlighting as a prostitute barely sustain themselves,until one day BHETKI witnesses a circumstance that is alien to her,she copes with the new found mysterious realization in her own unique way!

Sonali Pawar

Indian film maker

Faux Pas

FAUX PAS" (written and directed by Sonali Pawar) Tells about four individuals suffering the consequences of their own misdeeds from the past, that eventually led them to a cell of danger. The cell where making connections are inhibited, where torture is easily served than food, where a piece of chalk draws emotional poignance. This is a story of four criminals who weren't born but made Who made the wrong choices that seemed only right to them, then! Every part of this film is up for interpretation.

Parushi Gupta

Parushi Gupta Age 22

Indian film director


A woman in her mid thirties, on a fine pleasant morning, tunes into a random news channel. The anchor talking about happenings of the day, impacts the woman extremely and things take a drastic south turn after that.

Runa Mukherjee Parikh

Runa Mukherjee Parikh is an Indian journalist and has been writing on various subjects like art, education, culture and gender for over 15 years. She has over hundred bylines across Indian and international news mediums. She has also authored a book of short stories on new age relationships titled ‘Your Truth, My Truth’. Runa is intrigued by human interest stories and has tried to capture her favourite Indian festival in the worst year of modern history, i.e, 2020 or the year of the pandemic. This is her first documentary film.

Mother will arrive

In 2020, the pandemic hit small businesses around the world and the idol makers of Kolkata too faced its brunt. As these artisans waited for a few orders to trickle in, life stood still and yet cost them time, money and patience. Slowly, the idol of the Mother goddess took shape, as did their hope. This is their story.

Priya Bhattacharya

My name is Priya Bhattacharya and I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design from Banasthali Vidyapith. i am an accomplished Designer and filmmaker, I like to use my skills to contribute to social welfare and gain personal experience.

A postman suffering from a mental disorder (misophonia) distorts himself as well as his surroundings.

He comes to deliver letters; Some sounds triggered his mind and he could not stop and bear himself from hearing those sounds. And the person emanating the sound becomes his victims, receiving their last letter from the postman which ultimately leads to their death.

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