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Kalakari to promote female filmmakers and their films

Over the last few years, conversations about equal pay and opportunity have stirred long overdue debate in the Film industry. The kalakari film festival is taking steps towards getting their female talent recognised, particularly if they’re behind the camera rather than in front of it. For as long as there have been movies, there have been women making them

The 2021 edition of the international kalakari film festival Film Festival by rishi nikam (KFF) has created a record with 500+ women films, it will promote movies by 500+ women filmmakers at this year’s festival. These movies will be in English, Hindi, Marathi and other regional Indian languages.

A film has no gender; it’s either good or bad. Hence, its creator should not be judged by their gender either. Honestly, this list should have been called “All Time Great International Filmmakers” because gender cannot confine or define talent. The women on this list have cleared the clutter, they are trailblazers, and have shattered every possible pigeonhole created for them. These ladies refused to conform to the structure and claimed their much deserving emancipation. .Art is a medium through which we can convey important messages. Kalakari Film Fest is a platform that provides this great opportunity for all artists. " Kalakari Film Festival " brings the Artist, Photography Exhibition, and Award Ceremony.all participants will get a chance to showcase their artwork at events around the world. Rishi Nikam, Founder of Kalakari Film Fest said that the main objective of this event is to provide a platform to the artists of India who don't have a medium to display their talent and art on a worldwide level. Thus, Kalakari helps to spread Indian art. We want our artists to gain recognition. There is no registration fee for the artisans in this fest. We are a great team with great members Priya yadav and Aditya itoriya. In a short span of time, Kalakari has gained popularity among the commoners as well as big celebrities. In this fest, celebrities from all over the world will make their presence online due to Corona. Also, congratulatory messages and wishes were sent to Kalakari Film Fest through video, which has increased the enthusiasm among the artists


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